Clients & Projects

  • Anglogold-Ashanti


    Development of a 10-day course with a subsequent project phase to meet AG-A’s mine seismology course work requirements for its in-house rock engineering employee development programme. Multiple presentation of the 10-day course since 2004. Formalised process to develop seismic monitoring objectives for deep West Wits operations. Calibration of local mine magnitude to match the global MW scale. Comparison of seismic hazard assessment procedures implemented on deep level gold mines.

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  • Impala Platinum

    Impala Platinum

    Customised deterministic and probabilistic seismic hazard assessments to estimate ground motion levels and their probability of occurrence when mining PGM bearing reefs in the vicinity of a dam wall. Short and extended courses in Mine Seismology for strata control and rock enginering personnel.  

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  • AngloPlatinum


    Extended mine seismology courses for rock engineering personnel. Review of seismic hazard mitigation procedures as part of the 2021 GRB.

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  • MQA


    Authoring of Learning and Assessment Guides for Unit Standard based learning related to the CoM Strata Control Certificate (NQF 3-4).

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    Review of the seismicity related sections of the COMREC syllabus aligned with the objectives of the 2007 review.

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  • Goldfields


    Introductory mine seismology courses for shift bosses and mine overseers presented at the Goldfields Academy. Extended Mine Seismology for Rock Engineers course at South Deep Mine. Audit of seismic monitoring practice and implementation of enhancements at South Deep Mine.

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  • Middindi Consulting

    Middindi Consulting

    Development of training materials for the COMREC Paper 2, 3.1, 3.3. Report summarising the main findings presented in the literature regarding seismicity associated with water storage induced stress changes. The aim was to provide input into a seismic risk quantification process, thus contributing to a feasibility study. Due diligence assessment for two of Platinum Mines, both of which have a record of seismic risk. The purpose was to identify potential vulnerabilities should current mining be extended to deeper levels. Presentation of the seismology section of the COMREC P2 course.

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  • Groundwork


    Collaboration in a project to determine the performance of crush pillars under dynamic loading conditions (SIMRAC project SIM040302).

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  • Gijima Ast

    Gijima Ast

    Comparison of software packages for 3D seismic data viewing, trend analysis and pattern identification.

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  • Mine Health and Safety Council

    Mine Health and Safety Council

    Research into possible means to mitigate the increasing seismic risk in the PGM sector (SIM100301) and a subsequent K&TT project to develop state-of-the-art 3D animated training materials for production and rock engineering personnel (SIM140301).

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  • Council for Geoscience

    Council for Geoscience

    Two-phased research project investigating seismicity induced by water ingress into old mine workings in the Vaal River and West Wits regions.

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  • CSIR-Miningtek/NRE


    Collaboration in a project to clarify mining strategies and rock engineering aspects for the safe extraction of remnants in gold mines of the Vaal River and West Wits regions (SIM020302). Contribution to research project SIM050302 to compile guidelines for seismic system operation, data analysis and seismic hazard mitigation.

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  • Harmony GM

    Harmony GM

    Assessment of seismicity at Big Bell Mine (AUS) in terms of hazardous levels, source mechanisms and correlation with mine design. Investigation of the impact of backfill on seismicity in a sequential grid mine.

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  • Northam Platinum

    Northam Platinum

    Practice review of the mine seismic system operation. Facilitating the implementation of recommended improvements. 3-day courses for strata control and rock engineering staff.

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  • Palabora MC

    Palabora MC

    Calibration of elastic wave velocities to improve accuracy of seismic source locations around a 3-D ore body.

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  • TWP


    Estimation of earthquake related ground motion levels for coal mines in Mozambique and Guinea.  

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    Presentation of the mine seismology lectures at the 2010 and 2011 Rock Engineering schools.

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  • DMR Inspectorate

    DMR Inspectorate

    Short courses on mine seismology presented to regional inspectorates in the Free State, North West and Gauteng.

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  • Chirano Gold Mines

    Chirano Gold Mines

    Short course in mine seismology. Practice review of the mine’s seismic monitoring function.

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  • Central Rand Gold

    Central Rand Gold

    Development of a suitable seismic monitoring strategy.

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  • Open House Management Solutions

    Open House Management Solutions

    Presentation of the seismology section of the COMREC P2 course materials. Improving seismic event location accuracy at a Zambian Copper Mine. Review of daily seismic hazard ratings over a 6-months period.

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  • SRK


    Effect on water induced seismicity when flooding abandoned mine workings.

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  • South32


    Deterministic and Probabilistic natural Seismic Hazard Assessment for a Mozambiquan smelter site.

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  • Sternom


    Customised training programme for Nigerian government officials of the Ministry of Mines and Steel Development.

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  • Mzesi


    Member of the natural external hazard review team that scrutinised ESKOM's site license application for the Thyspunt nuclear power plant (Site Safety Report review).  

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  • Wits


    3-day course Introduction to Mine Seismology for Geophysics (BScHons) students. 

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  • Vedanta


    Investigation of ground motion levels induced by a distant earthquake.

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